Tom & Jerry - Professor Tom

 Tom is chasing Jerry in circles while Junior Tom is watching with vase in hand. Tom tells him to hit Jerry but instead handovers the vase to Jerry which Jerry smashes on Tom's head. Jerry hides in house and Tom smokes a Cigar to fill Jerry's home with smoke, to get him out. Tom runs out of breath and faints while Jerry escapes.

Junior grabs Jerry and Tom applauds him but Junior refuse to give and let him escape. Tom spanks Junior on this action and Jerry returns for help, bending Tom's tail very hard. Tom screams and run after Jerry. Tom rolls Jerry in a carpet and takes it out of the house, Jerry escapes and throw Tom in to the pool with Tom. Jerry returns to house and locks it from inside and also close all windows and doors.

Tom comes running to break the door, Junior opens the door and Jerry ties a rubber band on the back door. This throws Tom again back out of the house.

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