Tom & Jerry - Old Rockin Chair Tom

 An Orange cat is in the house with Tom & Jerry. Tom places a magnet behind the new kitty and Jerry places an Iron in its face. The iron is attracted towards the magnet. The kitty is angry at Jerry, Jerry kisses him and run away. The kitty chases Jerry and Tom pulls him back with the help of magnet. Jerry does the same. Tom helps Jerry to get away and the Kitty hits the walls, breaking all the dishes.

Jerry scares the house lady and she asks the kitty to catch Jerry. Tom uses the magnet to hold the kitty next to a wall. Jerry spins the stool on which the house lady is standing and she calls for Tom for help. Tom comes and fakes catching Jerry. The new Kitty is thrown out of the house. Tom is served breakfast on bed and Tom shares the bounty with Jerry.

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